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Canadian Cybersecurity Professionals

Established in 2002, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Sabytel Technologies Inc. promotes cybersecurity resiliency from a business perspective through critical and creative thinking augmented by our one-team approach.

More than technical

Business first, we believe that cybersecurity should be an enabler and not an impediment to progress.​

Prioritize Standards

Services grounded in the most robust and thoroughly tested Canadian and international best practices and standards.

End-to-end cybersecurity

Management consulting expert services and solutions to empower our clients to operate their business securely.

New Service: Sabytel's ISO/IEC 42001 AI Management System Training and Implementation Support

Unleash the power of ethical AI. Sabytel's ISO/IEC 42001 training helps you build trust, gain a competitive edge, and ensure responsible AI development.

Featured Cybersecurity Service: CISOaaS

Sabytel's Cybersecurity Service feature is our Chief Information Security Officer as a Service (CISOaaS) offering.

Security is a governance matter. Every organization needs a security executive responsible for information and data security. Sabytel’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) provides strategic-level guidance and oversees the organization’s cybersecurity programs. The CISO is the executive voice to ensure the alignment of cybersecurity governance, risk and compliance (GRC) with business goals.


A CISO will promote Cybersecurity governance, focusing on corporate structure, strategy, technical need and financial responsibility. Governance is the mechanism by which a company's management, board, shareholders and other stakeholders' concerns and actions are successfully managed and controlled.


Organizations must purposefully manage and mitigate cybersecurity risk, which is characterized as the risk of losses from inadequate, failed, or non-existent governance, processes, staff or technical insight from cyber events. Sabytel’s CISO can facilitate the Risk Management process (identify, analyze, evaluate, mitigate and monitor), by applying industry, international, or organization frameworks.


Compliance with cybersecurity or data security is a focused action of organizations to apply all due diligence in complying with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. As compliance regulations become more stringent and penalties for compliance failure grow in severity, an organization must have a quality compliance officer or CISO to manage national, international and industry regulations.

Sabytel Chief Information Security Officer as a Service (CISOaaS)

Our CISOaaS is designed around an Adaptable Engagement model.

Cybersecurity Program

  • Oversee organization's cybersecurity approach
  • Spearhead governance, risk and compliance issues
  • Establish communication between stakeholders

Cybersecurity Initiatives

  • Planning security audits, assessments, and reviews
  • Focusing resources, recruiting and security training and awareness
  • Oversee physical, personal, organizational, and technical cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Events

  • Immediate actions - leading incident management response
  • Champion incident management procedures including triage, response, and recovery
  • Guiding cyber intelligence, threat emulation, investigation and forensics

Contact for a presentation of Sabytel’s CISOaaS program.

Our Team

The most powerful feature for the provision of our services is the wide range of backgrounds, specializations, skills and experiences of our team. Drawing on their talent and passion we can do our job perfectly. Recruiting and maintaining a network of experts and relevant industry contacts is a key element for us. This provides Sabytel with the necessary resources for quality work for the benefit of our clients. People are our most valuable asset.

Canadian industry experts

Multi-disciplinary team provides subject matter expertise in cybersecurity services for government, public and private sector organizations.

Passionate cybersecurity professionals

Energized and ready to meet every challenge with confidence and consistently higher standards.

Whole team approach

Cybersecurity professionals versed in a spectrum of activities are on-call for all services offered.

Cybersecurity Resiliency Services

Sabytel’s cybersecurity resiliency framework provides an end-to-end approach to cybersecurity across numerous industries. Our services develop a sound strategy, governance and policies that work to maintain your corporate goodwill and market share through secure, and proven cyber strategies. The following services are updated and improved continuously based on technological advancements and new threat modelling.

Governance & Cybersecurity Program

Our governance & cybersecurity program offers numerous services which assist in the design, enhancement and assessment of an organization's cybersecurity posture. As a trusted advisor, Sabytel concentrates on the business-first priorities of implementing governance and policies to efficiently direct resources.

Risk Management

Risk Management is an integral part of the executive role. Sabytel’s uniquely certified and qualified team of security professionals optimize risk management methodologies and best practices from various internationally recognized standards and guidelines.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability and exploitation team will take the time to learn your business processes and requirements and proactively evaluate potential concerns. Sabytel understands that security is a commitment to offer the best service and to ensure our client understands shortcomings with their security posture.


Sabytel assists and directs enterprises in validating that their products or services meet the desired expectations of their customers. Our certified auditors assist international organizations by providing ISO standards planning, implementation, audit and certification support. Our team will provide directives on creating policies and processes to meet or exceed compliance.